Valley Rainger Linear

Our patented Valley® Rainger™ linear is ideal for irrigating your large fields. It uses a one-cart platform that is completely customizable to your needs and your operation. Based on your infrastructure, water can be delivered to the Rainger through a ditch (i.e., canal) or a hose (pressured pipeline). This linear has high-flow capabilities, which gives you the right amount of irrigation, no matter what you grow.

Rainger Swing-Around Linear

The Valley Rainger Swing-Around linear allows you to efficiently irrigate even more of your land with just one machine, saving you time and money! The linear rotates 180 degrees around the cart, making it possible to irrigate the opposite side of your field. The Rainger Swing-Around option can irrigate a large range of field widths and can use a hose drag or ditch feed as a water source, giving you the ability to use your existing infrastructure.

Two Wheel Linear

Looking to convert from flood, drip, or side inlet irrigation? Well, you should! And, our patented Valley® Two Wheel Linear is a great irrigation solution for your smaller fields. You choose how to feed water to the linear cart – either by ditch or hose.

Take advantage of existing earthen ditches with the ditch feed option of our Valley Two Wheel Linear. You get all of the benefits of a small field linear, as well as the ability to tow it or swing it around to cover more acres. Because this linear’s flexible suction fits in nearly any functioning earth ditch, your investment will be kept low — you will not have to install a new container to hold your irrigation water!

Universal Linear

With the ability to automatically switch from linear to pivot mode, the Valley® Universal linear is designed for swing-around applications. Unlike other swing-around linears, the Valley Universal can automatically switch between linear mode and pivot mode, allowing you to increase the number of irrigated acres.