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Industrial Buildings

Appearance and working efficiency are central to successful commercial or retail buildings. The complete flexibility offered by American Buildings Company’s building systems for exterior appearance, together with convenient and inviting interior layouts, maximize usable space and provide a winning combination and solution for commercial and retail needs. American Buildings Company (ABC) provides a versatile building solution. Our buildings can range from the basic to more sophisticated look and use of materials, while still providing quick turnaround of product and delivery. ABC uses advanced technology and design techniques to lead the way in building systems.

ABC’s building systems can be readily combined with traditional materials such as brick, stone, glass, or wood to meet any appearance requirement, while ABC technology dramatically shortens design, fabrication, and on-site erection time for major cost savings and faster occupancy.

These systems are available in two choices of finishes: SmartKote® color finishes, available in a wide range of colors, can be warranted for an optional 35 years; and Silicone-Polyester COOL™ panels, which are available in 8 colors, feature a 25-year finish warranty. ABC’s metal standing seam roofs are offered with 20- year weather tightness replacement warranties that include both labor and materials.