Aeration Fans

Centrifugal Fan Features:

Motor – Totally-enclosed, fan-cooled (TEFC) motors are standard for all Brock GUARDIAN® Series centrifugal fans.

Centrifugal Wheel – Dynamically-balanced, seam-welded steel centrifugal wheel features modern air foil blade design to help maximize air performance.

Air Inlet Orifice – GUARDIAN® Series Centrifugal Fans use an innovative design to promote better air flow into the centrifugal wheel to enhance fan performance.

Diverter & Baffle – Diverter and baffle helps to redirect air spilling from the centrifugal wheel to encourage smooth, efficient fan operation.

Fan Housing – All Brock GUARDIAN® Series Centrifugal Fans have a reinforced, 12-gauge, galvanized steel housing for durability and long fan life.

Axial Fan Features:

Motor – Totally-enclosed, air over (TEAO) motors are standard for all Brock GUARDIAN® Series axial fans.

Air Vanes – Air vanes are a standard feature on all 18-inch (457-mm) diameter and larger fans. The vanes aid efficient air flow at higher static pressures by reducing air turbulence.

Motor Mount – Two-piece bolt-together motor mount/fan support provides a solid connection for mounting the fan and aids fan stability during operation.

Blades – Dynamically-balanced cast aluminum blade has modern air foil design for efficient air handling.

Venturi – Fan’s venturi opening uses innovative curvature design for efficient air performance.